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AUXIN SKINCARE is formed by integrating the findings of plant hormones studies, cytology and biotechnology on its high purity natural skin care formulations.

The sign of aging and skin problems such as dark/brown spots, fine lines or oily skin condition are still obviously seen, even though those who care for their outlook use various types of skincare products frequently.

Further evaluations and studies show that many of those skin care products commonly available in the market comprise as much as 70% of solvent (such as aqua, alcohol or mineral oil), while actual skin care ingredients only made up of the rest 30% or even lesser. In addition, toxic substance or cancer causing materials (Carcinogens) such as preservatives and harmful surfactants are widely used.

With regards to the voice of moral conscience as the fundamental principle, and through well-integrated use of technology with high purity natural plant base ingredients as safety principle, AUXIN SKINCARE is formulated specifically for the benefits of your skin.

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